Friday, March 30, 2007

internet safety


My name is Seth Dooling one of the thing that I do is help prevent personal computer problems.

I found a need for this after my own personal PC problems. My PC was running slow and crashed frequently. I assumed I needed a new computer but I took it to a repair shop and the issue was resolved. Although I was satisfied with my results a few weeks later I was having the same problems. I had to spend moneythe repair which I thought was a ridiculous amount. I did not want to spend more money for a temporary fix.

That led me to do some research I discovered I had a virus. I couldn't understand why when I had Norton anti virus so I gave them a call. Well little did I know that I would be charged to remove the viruses. That led me to drop them and look for a better solution. I discovered a security company that allowed me to run a free test to check my PC. After reading about the companies top grade security and free tech support I was hooked.

Sharing this long term money saving solution and peace of mind security was something I wanted to do to help others.

Find out how you can protect your Family and Friends from hackers and viruses.

VISIT run your free test and get protected